Get real Instagram followers for business accounts

Instagram has seen immense growth in the last few years. Also, Instagram had a surge in the active users count due to the work front home culture A general statistic highlights that Instagram has one billion active users every month. 

The audience demography on Instagram is quite skewed. 60% of the platform is dominated by the under 30 population or the millennials. The young population of Instagram makes it the perfect hub for business marketing. 

The young audience consumes visually appealing, engaging and energetic contents like food vlogs, travel blogs, haul videos, review content, music and dance cover, sketch, etc. Other than entertainment, there is a pile of educational content. This indicates that Instagram has the perfect environment to hold a business account and promote it. 

So, how to create an Instagram business account? Follow the steps mentioned below:- 

Setting up an Instagram business account is quite simple. Download the free Instagram application from the Google Play store. Now, you can open the app and hit the sign up button to create a new account. Provide your business email address or your Facebook account and click on this signup button. 

Now, create a username specific to your business or brand name. You can set up several business accounts if your business offers a variety of products.

After you have set up your account go to the settings on the account. Find the “switch to professional account selection” to set up the business account. You are prompted with an option to select a creator or a business model. Now, you can add your business information such as your phone number, location, email, business categories, subtypes, and store hour.

Now that your business account is all set, let us discuss how you can get real Instagram followers because that’s the key to success. 

  1. Optimize your brand page. Let’s begin by optimizing the brand page. The brand page is the face value for any business. Attentively select an appropriate username, professional bio, profile picture and relatable captions for your image. You must add contact details like phone number, email id and directions to your store (if any). 
  2. Promotion of the business account

Promotions are very important irrespective of the mode of business. Spread the word of the business account on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Linking your Instagram business account will give you the initial boost of followers from the existing reach. 

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the key to the visibility of accounts just like Twitter, the algorithm of Instagram depends on the popular hashtags. Adding hashtags to the posts of your business account will increase the chance of visibility and attract new followers. You can curate special hashtags for your products. Moreover, the hashtag is the best tool to create traffic on your landing page. 

  1. Opt for influencer marketing.

Influencers are the driving force of Instagram. They have a huge follower base. The engagement on their page can be used for the benefit of your brand. Sponsored posts are a win-win move for your business and the influencers.

  1. Buy real Instagram followers

If nothing seems to work for your business account on Instagram, you can buy real Instagram followers engagement on your account. When you buy real Instagram followers, they organically engage with your content. This engagement will ultimately attract new followers to your account. several websites have special packages for business account followers. You can avail this safe option to build your business account from scratch.

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