How to use 6 in 1 slimming and beautifying machine

As days go by, the emphasis on self-cases is increasing day by day. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can now take care of ourselves in more elaborate and better ways. Cavitation machine has created the path to one of those ways. It is an ultrasonic technology based machine which can be used for body shaping and further beautification. 

Cavitation Machine

A cavitation machine is also called an ultrasonic cavitation machine. It employs the magical power of the ultrasonic sound technology to shape up your body. What it does is it targets the ultrasonic wave at those cells in your body with fat deposits. The fat turns into liquid and then it is disposed of by the body with other wastes. So, the skin tightens in that portion of the body. It helps a lot in body contouring and body beautification.

The 6-in-1 Slimming and Beautifying Machine

The 6 in 1 cavitation machine runs with 40KHz ultrasonic waves. This comparatively shorter wave can reach deep underneath your skin and liquify fat in those cells. It has different kinds of handles based on the target area. For example, if you want to use the machine on your facial area, you should probably use either the three pole RF handle or the quadrupole RF handle.


You should not take cavitational therapy if you have any medical conditions. You should always contact a therapy provider before taking the therapy. He will assess your current health condition, medication. After that, he will notify you about his decision regarding your eligibility for cavitation treatment.

Preparation For Cavitation Treatment

  • Try to drink a minimum amount of 1.5 litre water before the treatment. 
  • Restrain from drinking alcohol for at least 2 days before the treatment. 
  • Opt-in for a low calorie, low carb, low sugar diet instead of regular carb-rich food.
  • Taking a tan right before the day of treatment will cause your skin to become more sensitive. Sometimes rashes as a side-effect due to previously taken tan is common.

Determining target area of your body

Decide which part of your body you are going to take cavitation treatment on. You should have specific objectives. Goals like “I want to get rid of fats” or “I want my body to look better” are not any good. For example, pick any area like stomach, legs or buttocks and set goals like “I want my buttocks to look more rigid”.

Application of Cavitation Machine(At Home)

  • First, prepare the area where you want to apply therapy.
  • Use a hot water towel to wipe that area.
  • If you want to apply some gel, go on. This will save your skin from rash or skin itchiness.
  • Set the cavitation machine’s dial up to the intended energy level.
  • Set the operation head or the RF handle over the target area.
  • Go ahead and set the duration of treatment on the cavitation machine’s dial.
  • Now start the machine.
  • Move your hand in circular motion to cover that area. 
  • Apply the head by moving it in both circular and horizontal motion for ¾ times.
  • Now stop the machine by pressing the pause button.
  • Wipe off previously applied gel.

How long does it take for treatments?

It actually is determined by the area of your body. Every session might take 10 minutes to 1 hour to complete. You should always consult with a consultant regarding it. The consultant should be able to tell you the exact duration of the treatment according to the information available.

Post-treatment Period

Be Careful About Side-effects

In most of the cases, cavitation therapy doesn’t actually affect the skin. But there are always undetermined factors and they can cause any kind of side-effect. For example, your skin might have become very sensitive from recent tanning. If you forgot to mention it to the provider/consultant, then it might cause trouble. Other than that, you might feel nausea after the treatment but that shouldn’t remain for very long.

Ensuring long-lasting results

The effectiveness of the treatment depends totally on you. If you follow the post-treatment suggestions, it’ll be very easy to achieve a nice result. It will also make it easy to keep the body in shape for a long time. But if you slide back into your old habits such as consuming more and more calories, it won’t be of any benefit. 


Ultrasonic and RF cavitation machines are non-invasive, non-surgical ways for reshaping your body. Just like any other non-surgical temporary solution, it should be strengthened by your adherence to the specific suggestion from the consultant. Otherwise, the effect won’t stay for long and the best result will become hard to obtain.

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