Death Note Season 2: All new opening and Updates

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Death Note is a manga from Japan that was presented and animated by Madhouse. It was represented by Takeshi Obata. The inventor of the series is Tsugumi Obata, and the director is Tetsuro Araki. The manga has 108 parts and has been published in 12 varieties. The manga was established in 2004 and ended in 2006 with its 12th volume. The writer and illustrator finally came back in February 2020, though, to finish his famous story. The last volume of the manga released in July 2006 completed the series by finishing the Light Yagami plotline with the lead character. Fans were therefore doubtful whether or not manga artists would develop a sequel. The series was identified under Viz media, USA. Death note is a Japanese supernatural crime thriller based on the manga series having the same topic. An anime TV conversion of the manga by Madhouse was published in 2006. It became famous across the world. 

What is the published Date of Death Note Season 2?

There is no proper announcement establishing the second season. A second season for Death Note Season 2 is not confirmed still, so there is yet no publish date accessible. ‘Death Note’ Season 2 is assumed to be published in 2022 on anicloud .

The Cast of Death Note season 2

The total story of season 1 indicates the killings by the main character Light Yagami. Still there is no proper announcement regarding the same. However, there are reports that we will see a new set of casts with some known characters.  

The plot of Death Note Season 2

The story of season 1 indicates the life of a boy called Light Yagami, who got a magical notebook called Death Note from Shinigami named Ryuk. Earlier a girl, Meso, finds the second death note for another Shinigami named Ryuk.

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