A Know It All About Crossdraw Holsters

People love shooting, and if you do, then you must have a great gun holster crafted of the best material and in the best way. It should be according to your style and practice purposes. 

Crossdraw holsters are one such widely used and vintage holsters still preferred for cowboy action.

What is a holster?

A holster is a case or an accessory that is used to carry a firearm on a person or a vehicle. It can be made of leather, or Kydex, or rubber, or nylon. However, the functionality remains the same under any circumstance.

Crossdraw holster 

It derives its name from the “cross draw” motion, which means that you draw the gun with the firing hand from the opposite hip. With this consideration, the cross draw rigs are designed.

Crossdraw holster is a case designed to carry a handgun in a cross-draw fashion where the shooting hand can easily draw the gun from the non-shooting hand side. 

It was first worn by the Cowboys since they had to spend most of their time on the back of their horse or hiking into the woods. 

These holsters are as famous as any other and have been a popular choice as concealed carriers for many years.

Perks of a Crossdraw holster 

Crossdraw position offers many genuine advantages over others since it is an old and vintage style that serves your weapon ease of retention. The points to be noted are-

  • Comfortable access: It is the most comfortable position for a gun holster while you are seated. This position gives you the ease of access to the gun in a short time without any mishappenings.
  • Option of a backup gun: Crossdraw holsters have a choice of two guns on either side, which gives a great backup. It is helpful for police units while there is gunfire.
  • Immediate access to the gun on a threat: In a cross draw position, the gun can be drawn out immediately while you appear to be folding arms and relaxed. The gun can be accessed if you feel threatened, but not firing at the moment. 
  • Hiding the gun is easy: It is easy to hide the gun in a Crossdraw holster as they are small and can be kept hidden under a jacket until you perceive a threat or an injury.
  • Medically efficient: People with back and hip conditions need the weight to be removed from the pelvic area and that’s when they use Crossdraw holsters to shift the weight on the other side.

What should you look for in a Crossdraw holster?

While going for a Crossdraw holster, you need to know first what kind of gun you are using it for. Then you should set your preferences for the material (leather or synthetic).

After getting the holster, you need to take good care of the material so that it lasts long and avoids any accidents with the gun.

Crossdraw holster offers greater benefits to the individuals who suffer from an injury and thus allows them to carry on with the gun.

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