Review of Forex Broker

Reviews help the customers or potential customers to know better about the company. It is a well-known fact that potential customers always believe the experience of the existing customers irrespective of how big the company is. The company’s services to customers and the final year-end results decide how much the company is faithful and trustworthy. 

Having a registration is very important. has been authorized by FSCA  forex trading for beginners in South Africa. It also has certain conditions before dealing with the organization and has many facilities to offer. The trader should have an R1000 minimum deposit, open a ZAR account, and use a multi-device MT4 platform. It makes sure that every customer can clear its doubts and confusion by taking the help of customer support always available for the customers. 

What is more important for traders is whether it is safe to invest in a certain organization. Traders want to make sure that their investments are in safer hands. Blackstone futures represents Trade Nations Limited, an STP forex broker that was inaugurated in 2009. FSCA regulates black Futures under FSP No. 4984, and therefore, it is regarded as safe for South African traders. It gives assurity that the company will not scam the investors.  

The facilities that Blackstone future delivers to its investors is by offering three types of accounts –

  • A Demo Account 
  • A ZAR Account
  • A USD Account
  1. Many beginners want to learn to trade CFDs. For these kinds of traders, a Demo account is useful.
  2. Zar account is for South African traders, which gives currency option availability with MT4 and cloud trade platforms. 
  3. When customers want to use USD as a base currency, they can opt for a USD account. 

The best thing about the Blackstone futures broker is that they take no trading commission and are regulated by FSCA  (FSP 49846).

Now talking about the Metatrader 4 and cloud trading platforms, Blackstone future provides the choice between the two. The availability of options for traders to trade is more than seven hundred fifty financial instruments. They could explore by trading commodities, energy, metals and indices, currencies, equities, cryptocurrencies, and futures. It offers a total of 32 forex pairs. 

Now talking about some cons that Blackstone has –

It does not offer the facility of swap-free accounts to its customers. 

The company is regulated by one organization that is FSCA. 

There is a restriction or compulsory amount to be deposited in the account that is R1000, and $ 100 is high compared to other CFDs.

  • Blackstone future spreads – What keeps the company stands out from others is that it does not charge extra fees like other brokers. The trading fees are not very high, and they only take charge in the form of every spread that you conduct. 

The spreads are variable as it depends on the financial instruments with which the investor or trader trades. Most importantly, they charge a minimum charge on the EUR/USD currency pair. 

  • Trading Commission – the best thing about BlackStone Futures is that it avoids charging any kind of fees or commission on your exchanges on both types of records. It makes it less expensive than a few other forex merchants that charge a commission. 
  • No hidden fees or charges – Most brokers charge the hidden costs that the trader comes to know about at later stages. They mention all the prices. They do not capture any withdrawal or deposit fees. Traders are generally unaware of the hidden charges at the time of registration, but this problem never arises with Blackstone’s future. 

This facility draws the attention of many beginners and makes the company beginner- friendly. 

Traders want not to be charged when they are inactive, and Blackstone futures provide this amazing facility to its traders. They do not charge an inactivity fee. But at the same time, if the trader has not done any activity for about ninety days, the company removes or exempts the bonuses or credit they earlier offered to its traders. 

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