What is the salary for Allahabad High Court RO ARO? What perks and allowances are given to Allahabad High Court RO ARO?

Allahabad High Court RO ARO exam is among the most sought-after entrance tests for law candidates for the role of an Assistant Review Officer in a high court. The job role has a probation of 2 years after a candidate is selected from the entrance test. The candidates are provided with many perks and allowances above their basic pay grade. Before applying for the Allahabad High Court ARO position, candidates must ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements for the position. If the applicants are determined to be ineligible, they will be disqualified.

Allahabad High Court RO ARO Eligibility

The RO ARO eligibility criteria are the bare minimum that candidates must meet to apply. Regarding the Allahabad High Court RO Eligibility Criteria 2022, the candidate must meet several requirements, including domicile, academic qualifications, and experience. The basic Allahabad High Court RO Eligibility Criteria 2022 is that you must be between the ages of 21 and 35. However, there are a few exceptions where the age limit has been increased.

Furthermore, candidates who fall into the reserved category will be given accommodations based on the state of Uttar Pradesh’s policies. The High Court has said unequivocally that applicants who are physically incapacitated will be eligible for age reductions. They are, however, unable to use the scribe service.

Salary for Allahabad High Court RO ARO

The Assistant Review Officer role comes with a 2-year probation period. After completing the probation period, candidates selected for the post of Allahabad High Court ARO would receive an annual package for ARO that ranges between Rs.5,38,800-17,08,800/-. Following the completion of the probation period, the candidates may be eligible for raises and benefits. During the probation period, the monthly compensation is determined by the Allahabad High Court’s guidelines. The Allahabad High Court determines the pay matrix level for the Allahabad High Court ARO Salary following the 7th Pay Commission, which includes a Pay Band, Grade Pay, Allowances, and Level for all government exams.

Some of the salary components include –

• Dearness Allowance

• Children Education Allowance

• Cash Handling Allowance

• Medical Allowance

• Subsidized bills

• House Rent Allowance

• Subsistence Allowance

• Deputation Allowance

• Provident Fund.

Perks and Allowances

Besides all the RO ARO salary components, there are various other perks and allowances which are permitted to the candidate selected for this job role. After the probation period, an Assistant Review Officer is eligible for a variety of rewards. 

The following are some of the advantages:

• Pension

• Leave and travel concession

• Transport facility or vehicle

• Medical facilities

• Increments and incentives

• Ample paternal and maternal leave

• Fixed personal pay

• Professional development

• Government accommodation

• Paid holidays

• Health insurance

• Child safety

• Job training

• Bonus

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Allahabad High Court RO ARO Career Growth

Candidates who work as AROs at the Allahabad High Court have promising careers. Candidates are provided various allowances and benefits after their probation period is completed. Furthermore, Several bonuses, incentives and promotions are awarded based on the candidate’s performance and work ethic. The job role provides a field to strengthen their understanding and stay relevant to current trends. This position also serves to improve professional development, which helps them bag better positions at the court in the future.


The Allahabad High Court RO ARO job role is among the best government job roles in the law sector and many aspirants apply for this post not only for its lucrative salaries and perks but because it provides stability to many candidates’ lives and helps them grow their career in this field. 

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